Mountain Lion Destroys Deer Decoy In Awesome Trail Cam Video

Mountain Lion decoy

Mountain Lions have to be one of the coolest animals in America.

Sure, there are all kinds of insane creatures out there, but the majestic nature combined with ferocious killing ability puts these big cats right at the top.

While they are relatively rare (about 37,000 throughout the United States, according to Wildlife Informer), the species tends to be heavily concentrated in specific locations, especially on the West Coast.

Even though their population isn’t that large, we do hear quite a few stories of crazy encounters people have with them, like this guy who saved his dog from an attack with a machete or this one who broke into an unsuspecting home in Washington.

Thanks to our friends over at MeatEater, we now get to see a mountain lion in action, or so the big cat thought…

While we don’t know exactly where this took place, a trail cam caught what happens when one of these cats does decide to strike. Fortunately for the victim, but to the cat’s chagrin, the target happened to be a decoy.

As funny as it is, it does still show the brutal realities of everyday life in nature.

It’s kill or be killed, and those who kill do it well…

Stay safe out there, folks.

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A beer bottle on a dock