Cody Jinks Throws Us A Stylistic Curveball With “Whiskey Calls The Shots”

Jason Deramo

Cody Jinks is one of the most consistent artists in the game.

Straight to the point lyrics, simple, country as shit, music backings, some three chords and the truth type stuff… it’s incredible.

But on the last track of his recently released album MercyCody threw us for a bit of a loop and tried his hand at a bit of barroom, country funk.

Spoiler alert… it’s pretty great.

Titled “When Whiskey Calls The Shots,” the song is something pretty much everyone can agree with: Once you start drinking whiskey, the whiskey controls the rest of the night.

“When the hard stuff hits my veins
I’m a puppet on a string
That old 90 proof just won’t let mе stop
Drop a needle on that old jukebox
I’ll be a fool on a stool but it ain’t my fault
That’s what happеns when whiskey calls the shots”

Written by Cody Jinks and Kendall Marvel, it’s not the hardest hitting song in Jinks’ repertoire, but a nice palate cleanser and shows the Cody can pretty much do whatever he wants at a high level… as we’re seeing with his metal band Caned By Nod.

Crank this whole record up.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock