Willie Nelson Family Releases A Cover Of Hank Williams’ Classic Gospel Tune, “I Saw The Light”

Take ’em to church, Willie.

The Willie Nelson family is releasing another track from their upcoming album, and this time, it’s a cover of the good old fashioned country gospel song, “I Saw The Light”

Originally written and recorded by the great Hank Williams, Sr. in 1948, it was not initially a commercial success, but eventually, became one of his signature songs and most recognized hymns.

This version features lead vocals from Willie and his son, Lukas, along with an upbeat, simple production that is perfect on a classic like this. It’s fantastic, per the usual, and if you grew up singing hymns like this one in church, will certainly take you back to sittin’ in a pew on Sunday mornings.

They previously released  “Why Me”, “Family Bible,” and a cover of the George Harrison classic “All Things Must Pass”.

Their “spirit-driven album,” The Willie Nelson Family, is set to be released next Friday, November 19th, with six Willie Nelson originals, along with six covers.

“All Things Must Pass”

The Willie Nelson Family Tracklist:

1. “Heaven and Hell” (Willie Nelson)
2. “Kneel at the Feet of Jesus” (Willie Nelson)
3. “Laying My Burdens Down” (Willie Nelson)
4. “Family Bible” (Claude Gray, Paul Buskirk & Walt Breeland)
5. “In the Garden” (traditional)
6. “All Things Must Pass” (George Harrison)
7. “I Saw the Light” (Hank Williams, Sr.)
8. “In God’s Eyes” (Willie Nelson)
9. “Keep It on the Sunnyside” (A.P. Carter)
10. “I Thought About You, Lord” (Willie Nelson)
11. “Too Sick to Pray” (Willie Nelson)
12. “Why Me” (Kris Kristofferson)

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