Parker McCollum Records Track With The Great Ronnie Dunn, And Hot Damn I’m Excited

Ronnie Dunn Parker McCollum country music

The past and the future walk into a recording studio…

Parker McCollum took to Instagram to say he and Ronnie Dunn collaborated on a track on Ronnie’s upcoming album in a crazy melding of two people we all love but never really thought we’d see together.

“Cut a song with Ronnie Dunn on his new album. Absolute dream come true. Y’all be lookin for it.”

To which, Koe Wetzel replied:

“How do you spell stache like mustasche or however you spell that.”

Yeah, helluva stache too.

I digress…

Just from a pure vocal talent perspective, this is going to be incredible, but adding in both of their songwriting abilities and we may be in for a once in a lifetime type song.

I haven’t seen any further details about Ronnie’s new album, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when we do.

Also, have to appreciate Ronnie’s Duck Boots, that is some high class styling right there.

“Rest Of My Life:”

“I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes”

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