Hear “Like A Hurricane,” The New Cody Jinks Single That’s Getting Some Attention From Mainstream Country Radio

The moment of truth…

The great Cody Jinks has done it again, releasing his 8th career studio today. He released a metal album as well, fronting his new band Caned By Nod, but we’ll save that conversation for another blog…

Titled Mercy, the album might be one of Jinks’ most versatile in terms of sound, but lyrically, you can count on every track to get after the deep places in your soul.

Teaming up with a crew of great songwriters like Kendell Marvel, Adam Hood, Tennessee Jet, Josh Morningstar, Ward Davis, his wife Rebecca, and more, Mercy runs the gamut of emotions like pressure, forgiveness, passion, loneliness, anger, heartache, and love.

But recently, the interesting news was that Jinks and company were actually serving one of the new tracks to mainstream country radio, and perhaps more importantly, a number of stations picked it up.

According to Chris Owen, a radio personality and country chart insider in the Buffalo area, Cody Jinks’ song, “Like A Hurricane,” was picked up by seven stations and added to the rotation. And with the song now available, we could see even more.

Written by Cody and Josh Morningstar, “Like A Hurricane” is a hard charging anthem of perseverance through the storms of life.

“Well I prayed for peaceful waters
But the storms already came
So let it rain, let it rain
When the going gets a little harder
Don’t throw it all away
Even though they’re moving slow
The winds of change are gonna blow like a hurricane.”

Now, all country radio has to do is play it…

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