Recording Of 911 Call From Henry Ruggs III’s Fiery Car Wreck Has Been Released

Henry Ruggs

As the information from former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III accident continues to develop, we now have some 911 calls from the accident that have just been released to the public.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, released a few 911 calls, primarily from Michael Leone, a resident in the area where the crash occurred.

You can hear Leone say:

“There’s a lady screaming for help in a Lamborghini. She’s trapped and there’s a vehicle on fire.”

He was asked if there were two cars on fire, and he responded:

“No. One car on fire and the Lamborghini is up on the curb.”

“I thought I heard a dog yelping but I wasn’t sure if maybe that was my dog or something. It looks like one of the people pulled from a Lamborghini is unconscious. There is a security patrol car that’s helping assist them.”

“I want to say the Lamborghini was probably speeding. I mean, I heard loud revving, loud noises and then a big collision.”

He was actually in a Corvette Stingray, rather than a Lamborghini.

In another call, an anonymous woman can be heard saying:

“It’s on fire. Oh my God, they can’t get no one to help– the whole thing’s on fire.”

“All I see is flames, and it’s almost all gone… someone’s in there, I think.”

Just a horrible situation for all involved.

Ruggs III was believed to be going about 156 mph during the wreck, and blew over two times the legal limit. He was charged with DUI resulting in death as well a number of other felony charges. He’s looking at over 50 years in prison.

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