Oregon Road Rager (In Socks ) Comes At Dude With A Samurai Sword, He Comes Back With A Rifle

A person holding a gun next to a person in a car

What in the fiddler’s fuck is going on here?

Rage road is a wild concept, and a spectrum, if you will…

We’ve all seen it, been a part of it, flipped the bird, etc… but I’d venture to guess ain’t none of us ever seen anything like this.

It usually starts out where somebody gets cut off in traffic, or gets into a wreck over something dumb, and right there, it has the potential to fizzle out, or all hell can break loose.

Normally when I say “all hell breaks loose,” we’re talking about an argument over whose fault it was, or something like that. Typically just a lil’ screaming match, a couple “fuck yous,” and that’s that.

However, this man went a little too far, and the other guy… he took it even further.

A recent video has gone viral of a Portland, Oregon road rage incident, where a dude (wearing socks might I add) straight up comes at the other guy with a SAMURAI SWORD.

Never in my life have I ever seen a Samurai sword used in real life, until now.

It doesn’t end there though.

When the Samurai guy walks back to his truck, the other dude quickly runs to his trunk, and pulls out… A RIFLE.

I mean can you blame him? He doesn’t know this random dude. He could slice him to smithereens if he ain’t careful.

Perhaps the funniest part is the dude filming the whole thing from his car.

He yells at Samurai guy:

“He got you fucked up.”

Then, he sees what the other guy pulls out of his trunk, and he realizes it ain’t too funny anymore, and he could possibly end up in a warzone.

He says:

“What he finna get? He getting a gun. Oh shit.”

You know what they say… never bring a samurai sword to a gun fight.


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