Military Dad Disguises Himself As A Buck To Surprise His Parents After Coming Home From Deployment

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Getting a big buck is pretty nice this time of year.

But this surprise was a hell of a lot better.

A video posted to TikTok by user Hannah Jo Hosick shows how she helped pull off the ultimate surprise for her grandparents when she told them she’d just shot a big buck and led them out to her truck to take a look at her prize.

As they walk to the truck you can see the deer’s antlers sticking out of the truck bed. But when the grandparents looked inside, it wasn’t a 12 point buck they saw: It was their son (and Hannah’s dad) dressed in camo and holding up a pair of antlers, home from a 12-month deployment.


in honor of Veterans Day and deer season here’s a repost of my fav video ever 🥺🇺🇸 #fyp #veteransday #PUBGMOBILE

♬ original sound – Hannah Jo Hosick

These military homecoming videos are some of my favorite videos on the internet – and this one hands-down gets an A+ for being one of the most creative.

And you can tell by the excitement from her grandparents just how much it meant to have their son back home.

Way better than a big ol’ buck.

Welcome home, sir, and thank you for your service.

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