VIDEO: Akron Kicker Delivers ELECTRIC Celebration After Nailing Go-Ahead Field Goal

Akron kicker

I’m fully convinced kickers have the hardest job in football.

When you make a difficult kick, the whole game on the line, nobody really thinks anything of it because it’s what “you’re expected to do.”

However, when they miss a kick, they have to walk around campus the next week with body armor on to make sure they don’t get stoned in the quad. I mean, you remember Cody Parkey and the infamous double doink? Bears fans are STILL lookin’ to murder that man.

It’s just a shit ton of pressure.

I mean, have any of y’all ever tried to kick a field goal? It ain’t easy, and imagine doing that with 11 dudes trying to charge right at you, and thousands of fans screaming and yelling.

Needless to say, when a kicker makes an important field goal, they’re gonna celebrate.

And the most legendary field goal celebration I’ve ever seen?

It belongs to Akron kicker Cory Smigel (cue the Lord of the Rings jokes now).

The Akron Zips squared off against the Western Michigan Bronco’s last night in a MAC conference matchup.

The 2-7 Zips had roared back from a 14-point deficit, and Smigel had just NAILED a go-ahead field goal to make it 40-38 Akron.

And how did he celebrate?

He dropped his hog on the table…

He followed it up with a smooth little golf swing handshake with one of his coaches.


Takes some serious nuts right there.

However, even though there was only 2:22 left in the game, and Western Michigan had no timeouts, the Broncos still drove down the field and scored the game winning touchdown to win 45-40.

Doesn’t matter… still electric.

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A beer bottle on a dock