Morgan Wallen Fans Are At It Again… Put Up Four More Billboards In Nashville Ahead Of CMA Awards

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The hardcore Morgan Wallen fans are bringing the billboards back just in time for this years CMA Awards show tomorrow night.

Morgan is banned from attending this year, but is nominated for Album of the Year, so that his collaborators will still have a shot at taking home an award regardless of Morgan’s status.

Morgan was also banned from attending the ACM Awards and CMT Awards earlier this year as a result of his racial slur incident in February.

It was recently announced that his label submitted him for eight categories at the 2022 Grammy awards, but we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll be there, or even be nominated, when the complete list of nominees comes out on November 23rd. They have declined his eligibility to be nominated for the Best New Artist category already, though.

Fans even raised money to put one up in Los Angeles back in May ahead of the Billboard Music Awards, where he was nominated once again, but was not allowed to participate.

This time, the organizers bought four billboards in prime locations leading into downtown Nashville that will stay up for the entirety of CMA week.

In what is likely a reference to an unreleased song Morgan put on Instagram about a month ago, “Don’t Think Jesus”, this new billboard reads:

“ATTN: Cancel culture. Are y’all sure JESUS did it this way? Everyone is welcome at his shows by the way!”

The latter half of that sentence is a reference to a recent tweet from Morgan, which was seemingly aimed at the fact that he has been banned from so many award shows this year:

“PSA: Everyone is welcome to attend my shows.”

They also feature Morgan’s signature phrase, #GAHT, along with Mark 11:25, a verse from the Bible encouraging forgiveness, and an outline of Morgan’s distinctive mullet, which is similar to all of the other billboards they’ve purchased over this past year:

Prior to this billboard, fans raised money for billboards in Nashville ahead of the ACM Awards, one in Los Angeles ahead of the Billboard Music Awards, as well as back in June ahead of the CMT awards.

“Don’t Think Jesus”

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