VIDEO: Pack Of Wolves Launch Rare Attack On Lone Polar Bear

When are these wolves gonna learn.

I’ve seen about twenty videos featuring packs of wolves trying to take on a lone bear, and needless to say, the wolves are 0-20.

Most of the time it’s a fierce grizzly bear in a place like Yellowstone National Park. But this time we’re looking at an extremely rare attack on a much larger polar bear, near the Nanuk Lodge in Manitoba, Canada.

Needless to say, it gets pretty damn cold up there.

Here’s a word from the fella that captured the video:

“This was filed by me on October 28, 2021, at Nanuk Lodge in Manitoba, Canada. As a polar bear walked along the Hudson Bay he came into an area where he was met by a pack of wolves.

First only a couple of wolves followed him testing him for weaknesses. As more and more wolves joined in, the bear began to take evasive actions.

After a few minutes, the wolves realized that the bear was too big and strong for them to take down and relented. The bear walked away unscathed.

This is very rare and fascinating behavior as wolves don’t normally go after large polar bears due to the high risk of injury or death.”

In the video, you see three wolves begin to swarm around the bear, just to feel him out a little bit, but even as more and more wolves begin to mount the attack, it’s clear that they never had a shot.

One good swipe from that bear paw, and these wolves are gonna need a new face.

The pack quickly realized that they wanted no part of the much larger bear.

Game. Set. Match.

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