So I Guess Sonic Hard Seltzer Is A Thing… And It’s Coming To Even More States

Sonic Seltzer

Alright, I have had it up to HERE with this seltzer nonsense.

I’m fully convinced by now that everybody and their mamas have tried to get into the seltzer game at this point, I mean, who’s next? Wonder Bread Hard Seltzer, Goodyear Tires Hard Seltzer, Monsanto Hard Seltzer… where does it end?

That being said… everybody knows how delicious and refreshing the Sonic slushy is. It’s the perfect cure to 100 degree days with 100% humidity during the summer. And granted, it’s November but I’ve never been the type to turn down a slushy.

But, this does NOT mean it is made to be turned into a seltzer.

The product has been out since the spring, but was only available in Oklahoma. However, they’re now expanding to six new states, including Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Arizona.

The slim cans come in two packs, with the Tropical Variety Pack that includes flavors like Ocean Water, Melon Medley, Mango Guava, and Orange Pineapple, and the Citrus Variety Pack with Cherry Limeade, Original Limeade, Classic Lemonade, and Lemon Berry.

The seltzers come with your standard 100 calories, one gram of sugar, and 5% ABV.

Sean Mossman, president of COOP Ale Works, had this to say  about the product:

“The consumer connection to the iconic beverages from SONIC is unrivaled, and we are seeing it come to life with the fan-fare for our hard seltzer offerings.

We are so excited to make SONIC Hard Seltzer more accessible to those eager to enjoy their go-to flavors in a new format.”

So… getchu some… I guess….

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