Two Passengers Aboard An Airplane Trade Windmill Punches Over… A Seatback Pocket

Every day I feel more and more confident that I’d be better off simply driving across the country than spend even two hours flying in an airplane.

I mean, the people on flights nowadays are BRUTAL.

It seems like every week we get the news of some kind of altercation breaking out on a plane for absolutely no reason. Whether it’s a mask, another person, an emotional distress hamster… the skies are no longer friendly people.

Not to mention, the last time I was in an airport I watched two guys get into a shoving match in the customer service line because one of the guys was “getting looked at the wrong way.”

Just bad vibes all around.

And now, we add to the long list of 2021 fights on an airplane, with this one coming from a Los Angeles-bound flight from Georgia.

According to the Daily Mail, one passenger charged at another, simply because the passenger placed something in his seatback pocket.

Even better, the culprit of the fight is from my good ol’ home state of South Carolina! Thanks Curtis Maurice Clayton… you’re making the Palmetto State proud.

Clayton was arrested at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for initiating a fight with German Montez, and apparently, he damaged a police car while he was being sent off to jail too.

I mean shit, if you’re gonna go to the slammer, go out with a bang I guess.

All we see in the video is the two men exchanging punches, and a few onlooking passengers in total shock.

I get it Curtis, the flight process kind of sucks at times, but you need to get some serious treatment for anger issues if you’re gonna whoop a man’s ass for putting something in the pocket of your seatback.

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