VIDEO: Grizzly Fights Off An Entire Pack Of Wolves To Protect Elk Carcass At Yellowstone National Park

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get out to Yellowstone, do it… it’s incredible.

If you want nature in its purest form, Yellowstone is the place to go.

Wolves, bears, bison, elk… you can see all of it there, and more importantly, how they interact with each other.

Sometimes that means a bear taking down an elk, sometimes it’s a bear defending his kill from another bear, and sometimes it’s a bear defending his stolen elk carcass from a wolves… or rather, an entire pack of wolves.

A recent video went viral from the Yellowstone Caldera, featuring a grizzly bear fighting off an entire pack of wolves, who are take turns trying to chow down on an elk carcass.

Make no mistake, wolves travel in packs and their strength is in the numbers. Yeah, they’re fast, they’re powerful, and they’re smart… but when it’s fifteen on one, nobody has chance with those odds.

Except… a Yellowstone grizzly.

“On October 15, 2021, while in Yellowstone for a week, we made a video of 10 plus Junction Pack Wolves fighting with a Grizzly Bear over pieces of Elk carcass.

There was butt nipping and paw swiping but no injuries. Looked like they had done this before.”

Even though the bear was heavily outnumbered, he was still able to overcome the wolves and protect the kill.

And shoutout to the viewers. They’re watching from a safe distance, and making sure they don’t get in the way of what was occurring out in the wild.

Unlike that dipshit who served four days in jail for walking up on a bear at Yellowstone earlier this summer…

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