Tennessee Amish Man Arrested With 25 Pounds Of Weed & Several Guns

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Turns out the Amish like to get down with the Devil’s lettuce too.

According to WKRN, an Amish man by the name of Chris Appleby from Lawrence County, Tennessee, had his ol’ homestead raided by the police on November 1st, and they discovered a whopping 25 POUNDS of marijuana in the home.

According to police, the 33-year-old had stored the weed at two separate sites on his property, and they also discovered several guns and cash.

Sheesh, turns out the man wasn’t just smokin’ the sticky icky. He was freakin’ selling it too.


How many times has that ever occurred? Like, once?

What if this is actually a normal occurrence though?

We think they’re busy just churning butter, but what if the Amish are stoned 24/7 and that’s why they’re such a peaceful people group? What if they keep that mf’ing thang on ’em at all times and THAT’S why they’re such a peaceful people group?

I mean, we know they make some damn good furniture, they know their way around a good apple pie… but what if Amish weed is the finest in all the land?

Do we even know the Amish anymore? I mean, police would never suspect this guy…

Check out that mugshot though… it looks like a cracked out portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Appleby was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he awaits trial.

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