Carly Pearce Is Pitch Perfect Singing National Anthem Ahead Of Braves’ World Series Victory

Carly Pearce country music

The Atlanta Braves are officially World Series Champions for the first time since 1995, clinching a shutout victory in game six of the series against Houston Astros last night.

And, they had one of country music’s brightest young stars on hand to sing the national anthem in Carly Pearce.

She compared the honor to singing at country music’s most historic stage in the Grand Ole Opry, which she recently became a member of, so I’d say she was pretty excited to be out there on the field:

“Few things are as American and iconic as the World Series… like singing at the Opry, this is one of those things you don’t dare dream — and almost can’t believe when it’s actually happening.

Thank you MLB for giving me the honor of singing the National Anthem tonight.”

Of course, she was pitch perfect, hit a home run, knocked it out of the park, whatever baseball analogy you wanna use, Carly absolutely crushed it.

I got chills watching her sing, and I love that she was able to display her incredibly strong voice on a national stage for so many people.

We all know the national anthem is one of the hardest songs to sing, but she always makes country music look good:

The Braves hit three home runs (that resulted in 7 offensive runs) last night at Minute Maid Park in Houston, including Jorge Soler’s absolute monster hit to send it out of the park, where they eventually won the game 7-0:

A huge congratulations to all the Brave’s fans out there… the Commissioner’s Trophy is finally heading back to Atlanta after 26 long years.

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