‘Yellowstone’ Announces Full Three-Season Marathon Ahead Of Season 4 Premiere



I mean, after what seems like years and years of waiting… we’re less than a week away.

We’ve seen the teasers, we’ve heard the predictions, we watched trailer, and come Sunday, we’re finally gonna have Yellowstone Season 4 on our TVs.

Also, just incase you haven’t been able to catch up on the show here lately, you’re in luck.

According to the Yellowstone Instagram page, the Paramount Network is starting the show from the very beginning, with the first season premiering tonight at 8 PM, and they’re going to run through the entire thing, all three season, just in time for the two-hour premiere of Season 4.

You have no more excuses for not being caught up.

Set the Tivo, set the DVR, cancel all your plans… whatever you gotta do to make sure you’re ready for the new season. I mean, do you really want to walk into work a week from today and have nothing to talk about?

Buckle up.

And if you’re as stoked as I am for the music of Season 4, you MUST be following our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Featuring EVERY SINGLE SONG from the series, we make sure we update it in real time, so every Sunday night, all the new stuff is right there.


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For real though…

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