Luke Bryan Almost Sh*t His Pants When Runaway June Faked On-Stage “Catfight” For End Of Tour Prank

Runaway June Luke Bryan country music

Alright I cannot lie, this is freakin’ hilarious.

Runaway June recently wrapped up their tour opening up for Luke Bryan and Dylan Scott on the Proud To Be Right Here Tour.

The group was covering Tim McGraw’s “Down On The Farm,” with both Luke and Dylan on stage when it appeared that Naomi and Natalie, two of the three members, started to get into it.

And we’re not talking about a small argument, it looked like the two girls were ready to drop the gloves right there on stage. They pushed and shoved for a few seconds, and Bryan was standing just there… stunned.

The next thing you know, the trio got some pillows from the side of the stage and started an on stage pillow fight. Once the feathers started flying, that’s when it finally hit Luke…

They got his ass.

“YOU ASSHOLES…. they just punked my ass.”

Looks like Luke might’ve had to go backstage and change his drawers after that one.

I’ve seen a zillion tour pranks and they usually involved dressing up in some kind of costume and running out on the stage while the headliner is performing, but this takes it to a whole new level.

“Everyone knows pranking Luke Bryan ain’t easy. But last night we pranked him and Dylan Scott into thinking that Natalie and I were cat fighting over singing lead parts and the band was breaking up on stage in front of God an everybody.

I legitimately thought we gave him a stroke. My voice is gone from screaming laughing all night. Got em’!”

Got his ass good.

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