The Willie Nelson Family Releases Stunning Cover Of George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”

The Willie Nelson Family is gearing up to release “a spirit-driven album,” as they put it, with some of their favorite gospel and country classics.

Today, they’re putting out “All Things Must Pass,” a cover of the Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison’s 1970 track from his solo album of the same name, in addition to previously released tracks “Why Me” and “Family Bible”.

A solo write by George, Billy Preston released the song originally in 1970 as well, after it was famously passed up by the Beatles for their iconic Let It Be record. They never formally recorded a studio version of it, but you can hear a snippet of the chorus on their 2003 Let It Be… Naked bonus disc called Fly on the Wall.

Actually, quite a few songs that George wrote with the band in mind ended up on his legendary self-titled record.

It’s an absolute stunner of a song, full of hope, the truth about human nature and the cyclical patterns of life that eventually end, and begin anew, with the passage of time:

“Now the darkness only stays at night time
In the morning it will fade away
Daylight is good
At arriving at the right time
But it’s not always going
To be this grey”

The Willie Nelson Family album is slated to drop on November 19th, with special features from patriarch Willie Nelson, his sister Bobbie Lee, and kids Lukas, Micah, Amy, and Paula.

The tracklist includes six Willie Nelson originals, along with six covers.

The original:

“Why Me”

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