Logan Paul Slapped The Sh*t Out Of A Dude For Calling Him A P*ssy Outside Of A Nightclub

Logan Paul

Roughly five days ago, we heard the news that Logan Paul would fight boxing legend Mike Tyson early next year.

At this point, I think Paul is just ready to end it all.

Yes, Logan already has another “exhibition” match with the great Floyd Mayweather under his belt, but let’s not kid ourselves… Floyd is no Mike Tyson.

We’re talking about a guy who bit a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off just because, and constantly lost all self control in interviews back in his hay-day.

Sure, Tyson is 55 now and much more chill, but when you gotta guy like Logan Paul who talks a lot of shit, I gotta feeling ol’ Mike is gonna unleash the wrath of seven suns on the guy.

Or… hug it out for a few rounds and collect a BIG. FAT. CHECK.

Anyways, in the wake and buzz of this match, Logan was seen outside of a Los Angeles nightclub last night, and from the looks of it, he already can’t wait to to get in the ring.

While he was standing around waiting for the valet to bring him his camera, a group of fans came up and tried to get autographs from the guy, but he just stood there and ignored them.

One dude (wearing a “Hot Model Sex” hat) got tired of it, called Logan a “pussy,” and shocker… that woke Logan up. He walked over to him and slapped him before Mike Majlak, Logan’s friend from his “Impaulsive” podcast, try to calm him down.

Here’s to hoping Iron Mike returns the favor.

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