Urban Meyer Grinding Costume Just Won Halloween This Year

Urban Meyer Halloween costume

Game. Set. Match.

The Urban Meyer grinding debacle was the biggest story in the NFL for a number of weeks.

If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a quick rundown:

A video of Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer getting his grind on with some young woman at his Columbus-area bar went viral.

The 0-4 Jags lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on a Thursday, so Meyer took the opportunity to spend a little time with the family down the road in Columbus… and let’s just say the aforementioned woman was not family and definitely not his wife.

The internet ran WILD with the video, with nothing more hilarious that the hundreds of hilarious Tim Tebow memes, but ultimately for Urban, the scene was more distracting than anything. Especially coming from a guy that always preaches on avoiding bad situations.

He issued an apology, the Jags ultimately decided not to fire him, Tim Tebow was devastated, the team trolled him on the huddle, and there was even reports of more damming videos, but for the most part, the football world has moved on.

And hey, they even won a game despite Urban Meyer consistently proving that he has no idea what’s going on.

Jon Gruden got canned, Ed Orgeron got canned, and the heat was off of Meyer…

BUT… people don’t forget.

And with that, the greatest Halloween costume the world has ever seen was born.

I mean, a first ballot, Hall of Fame Halloween costume right there.


Naturally, the internet was LOVING it.

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