OnlyFans Girl Calls Out Seahawk’s DK Metcalf For Sending Her Home & Then Calling Her Back For A Foursome

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According to BroBible, DK Metcalf just got put on blast by an OnlyFans girl from Portland after he asked her to participate in foursome.

Here’s the kicker though… she drove all the way from Portland and when she was relatively close to his house in Seattle, he told her to turn around and go back home.

BUT then, presumably after she went back home, he hit her with that 1AM “I’m trying to have a foursome and we need one more” text.

I mean, who hasn’t fired that one off after last call? Oh, none of us because we’re not professional athletes… that’s right…

It’s no secret that professional athletes enjoy the company of many a young woman… but when you’re putting in as much work in the DMs as you are on the football field, you always run the risk of going public.

Especially when you send a gal back to Portland after a 3-hour drive…

The woman, named Tori Lynn posted a series of videos, with the first one talking about how he wanted her to drive to Seattle and hangout, and when she was on the way, he told her it would be too late.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Oh well, she got flaked on… happens to the best of us.

At the end of the day, DK probably doesn’t give a fiddler’s fuck.

It’s still pretty hilarious though, I must say.

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