Craig Morgan Bagged A Monster Bull Elk

Craig Morgan with a large moose

Craig Morgan is one of the most underrated country singers of the last two decades.

Between 2003 and 2009, the man pumped out 7 different top 10 radio songs, including the smash hit Redneck Yacht Club, which peaked at #2 on the charts in 2005.

He also had the #1 song that same year with the evocative tune “That’s What I Love About Sunday.”

Other notable songs from him include the agricultural anthem “International Harvester,” “Almost Home,” and “Little Bit of Life.”

Redneck Yacht Club

That’s What I Love About Sunday

International Harvester

Morgan also has a strong history of using his celebrity platform to raise awareness for causes he personally cares about.

A few months ago, he was one of the first people to step up and defend Carrie Underwood when online cancel culture targeted her on Twitter after she liked a politically conservative-leaning post speaking out against mask mandates for kids in school. Last summer, he also released a new song titled “The Mask” as a tribute to heroic first responders doing their best to handle the chaos of the pandemic.

Last year he also joined the Grand Ole Opry in honoring a Purple Heart Army Veteran on country music’s biggest stage. After performing his song “Paradise,” Morgan presented the war hero with the keys to a brand new home with the mortgage paid in full. The song  he sang is written from the perspective of an older, wiser, man looking back on his days going off to war as a young soldier and just being thankful to be alive.

Morgan served as a U.S. Army paratrooper for more than a decade before launching his music career, so it tends to resonate with the audience in a genuine way when he sings about subjects like that.

Morgan is also extremely passionate about wildlife conservation and protecting the freedom to hunt, and he has been a great ambassador for the outdoor industry for the duration of his music career.

 Even though his music and charitable endeavors keep him busy, Morgan still finds time to get outside and do some hunting every chance he gets. His TV Show All Access Outdoors is now in its 8th season on the Outdoor Channel. Although he kept the details under wraps to likely not spoil a future TV episode, he showcased an absolute thumper of a bull elk on his Instagram page earlier today.

Congrats to him on one heck of a successful hunt.

“Big Bull Down filling the freezer.”

He is also slated to be the headlining musical act for Safari Club International’s upcoming Convention which takes place in Las Vegas from January 19-22, 2022.

The worlds biggest big game hunting organization is also a world leader in wildlife conservationSCI is headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The group is heavily focused on advocacy and public policy related to hunting rights and natural resource management. Safari Club also makes a tangible impact on conservation efforts around the world through the Safari Club International Foundation. Since the year 2000, the SCI Foundation has invested more than $70 million in 100 different conservation projects in 30 different countries.

You can support the organization by signing up to be a member today and by attending the annual Convention.

The SCI Convention is the worlds largest hunting expo and brings together over 1,000 exhibitors including  some of the top outdoor equipment brands and hunting guides and outfitters from around the world offering you the chance to book the adventure of a lifetime. Safari Club is commemorating their 50th anniversary this year and the celebration is slated to include a full lineup of keynote speakers including Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr., and retired Navy Seal and Medal of Honor recipient Ed Byers. World renowned hunter Jim Shockey will host some of the evening entertainment events which will include a comedy set by Larry The Cable Guy.

The festivities also include a Craig Morgan concert, which is sure to be one the event’s highlights.

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