Garth Brooks Livestreaming His Hair And Makeup Is Exactly The Kind Of “Cool Stuff, Slick Stuff, Neat Stuff” We Were Promised

Garth Brooks with a beard talking on a cell phone

Keep featherin’ it G…

Say what you will about the man that is Garth Brooks: The dude knows how to create unique content.

His weekly Inside Studio G Facebook live series is insanely popular with fans, and gives us an inside look at who Garth Brooks really is as a person.

It’s bizarre, but it’s fascinating…. but it’s bizarre.

On this week’s episode of Inside Studio G, Garth hopped online to talk about his upcoming intimate shows at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry.

And the whole time he was getting his hair and makeup done.

Garth was getting prepped for the RIAA’s tribute to Charley Pride, where Charley was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

And as his longtime makeup artist Mary Beth Felts worked her way around, applying makeup, adding some color to his beard and hair, throwing a little spray tanner on there…Garth just talks about his upcoming shows like this is just completely normal.

But my favorite part about the whole thing?

IT WAS PRE-RECORDED. Which means that Garth CHOSE to do the whole video while in hair and makeup, as opposed to recording it literally any other time when we wouldn’t see Garth getting his nose powdered.

Just incredible.

As for the upcoming shows, Garth initially announced a two-night run of “intimate” performances at the Ryman Auditorium. But when those sold out pretty much immediately with 22,000 people still in the queue, he added a third show at the Grand Ole Opry.

And during Inside Studio G, Garth talked about the possibility of a longer-term residency in the future, saying it’s something that he would love to do but that he would want to look at the different potential venues – because the Ryman has wooden seats, versus the comfy padded seats at the Grand Ole Opry.

“I’m sorry, no matter how long you sit there, that can be tough…

So I’ll be interested to see which one – they’re both going to feel great – to see which one feels like the right one, if it’s either of those two.”

So could we be seeing a full-blown Garth residency in Nashville sometime in the future? It sounds like G’s up for it.

And thanks to the peek behind the curtain, we also now know that his hair and makeup will always be on point.

Garth promised the cool stuff, he promised the slick stuff, and he promised the neat stuff… but it’s the raw stuff like this that keeps fans coming back.

Never change Garth… never change.

I like that…

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