Eric Church Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of The “Heart On Fire” Music Video

I’ve still been spinning this Eric Church triple-album Heart & Soul since it dropped back in April.

It’s borderline overwhelming with so many great songs, so many different styles… but one of my favorites in particular is the current single, “Heart On Fire.” It’s spiritual, theatrical, and rock ‘n roll, all at the same time.

We recently got a trippy music video for the song, which walks back through 14 years of his best music videos over his long career, including “Two Pink Lines,” “Cold One,” “Talladega,” and “Record Year.”

I can vividly remember everything that was going on in my life every time the video cuts to another one of his old videos… the nostalgia is REAL.

But now, we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible music video.

Church describes the purpose behind the what you see in the video:

“We’re gonna take all of the old videos, all the way back from ‘How ‘Bout You,’ all the way through now, and you’re gonna see me in that video, but the mouth is gonna be different, it’s gonna be ‘Heart On Fire.'”

Reid Long, music video director, weighed in on the experience he had with the video:

“As you can imagine, going back 15 years plus on these videos, that were shot on all different types of cameras, different formats. Some of them are in standard definition, some of them are in, to ya know high def.”

Church also discussed how nostalgic it was for him recording this video:

“When we shot this, it was a real trip down memory lane. It was something, I got to go back through our entire career from the beginning all the way to now.

It’s been a long and very wonderful, and adventurous road, and to be able to live that for this song and for what this project is, and for what the last year and a half two years have been like for all of us, was something that was uplifting, and inspiring for me.

It’s a really, really, really cool thing for me to go back through all those videos, and all those moments. I think fans are gonna be stoked to see it.”

And of course, the epic full video…

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