Amazon Worker Gets Caught Sneaking A Woman Out Of The Back Of His Van

Amazon driver

Ol’ boy tried to sneak a quick one in, but these streets see everything.

You know, I had a buddy who tried to go the whole working for Amazon route.

They promise up to $32 an hour to simply drive around and deliver packages all day, you get benefits, a 401k, AND… you get to wear shorts to work. I mean, it sounds like a dream, right?


If you’ve ever listened to “David” by Cody Jinks, he describes his old buddy as “a shell of a man he once was.” This is exactly what my friend looked like a few months in to working for Amazon.

Seriously, you heard the war stories about long shifts, no breaks, pissing in water bottles, etc… he looked like he’d fought in World War I, II, and ‘Nam combined.

Needless to say, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

It’s nothing like that “Special Delivery” movie you saw on “Skinemax” late one night when you were 14 years old… or is it?

Video of an Amazon driver parked on street recently went viral, and you can see him open up the back door, take a peek around, and swing it open even more for a young woman to climb out.

And I’m sure she was just helping him locate her missing package, right? Or, since we’re in the middle of a supply chain shortage… do you think Amazon staged this video to get more dudes to apply?

There could be a zillion different explanations for why this woman was in the back of a delivery driver’s Prime van.

Generally, the most obvious scenario is the most likely… he was simply just delivering her his a package.

Cue up the obligatory “Dick In A Box.”

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