Try This Mouth Watering Country Fried Deer Steak Recipe

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Americans need to be eating more deer meat. 

With any luck, you’ve already got a freezer full of meat early this deer season, so you can focus on waiting it out for big antlers once November rolls around. If you’re still trying to notch your tag, then targeting food sources can be a great way to find success while hunting in October

Speaking of food, once you have a freezer full of fresh deer meat, you’re going to need a good recipe to get the most out of your harvest. 

If you’re dealing with ground meat, then we highly suggest this deep-fried venison parmesan burger. While you can’t go wrong with a deer burger, there’s not much debate that the back strap is the premier cut of meat on a deer. 

Since a deer has two back straps, you’re going to need a recipe for each. So after you try out this incredible bacon-wrapped stuffed backstrap recipe, then you’re going to want to try this mouth-watering country-fried deer steak recipe from Legendary Whitetails

A venison backstrap is one of the best pieces of meat on the planet, and you really can’t go wrong however you cook it… But everything is better when it’s deep-fried, right? 


– Venison Back Strap
– Milk
– Eggs
– Flour
– Breading of choice
– Vegetable oil
– Salt and Pepper
– Honey

Here’s what to do:

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