Kacey Musgraves Releases Artistic New Music Video For “Camera Roll”

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Leave it to Kacey Musgraves to pull off a music video like this.

She just released a super avant-garde, artistic new video for her song “Camera Roll” on Friday, which features her in the form of a mannequin that’s been broken into pieces after some sort of car accident.

It opens with her head laying on the road as she sings the first few lines of the song. As an ambulance pulls up from “Star-Crossed Center,” which specializes in “broken hearts and such”, the nurses get out and start picking up the pieces to take her away to try to be fixed and put back together.

While I’m sure some people will say it’s “too weird” or “out there”, I dig it. For as dramatic and over-the-top as the rollout has been with all of the graphics for Star-Crossed, which even had an accompanying film, this feels like just enough.

It’s thought provoking and a little odd, but it doesn’t distract from the actual song and lyrics that detail the confusion she’s felt with the end of her marriage and divorce from fellow musician Ruston Kelly.

After all the controversy surrounding the announcement that Star-Crossed would be ineligible in the country album category at the 2022 Grammy’s, it was confirmed that “Camera Roll” would still be accepted in the country category it was submitted to by her label.

So in case the matter wasn’t any more confusing…

Of course, she got the last word in on all of it after a series of posts on her Instagram stories last week.

A co-write with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk, “Camera Roll” finds Kacey looking back at some of the old photos on her phone of the good times in her marriage, and all of the pretty pictures make it easy all too easy to forget how unhealthy the relationship ultimately became:

“Don’t go through your camera roll
So much you don’t know
That you’ve forgotten
What a trip
The way you can flip
Through all the good parts of it
I shouldn’t have done it

Chronological order
And nothing but torture
Scroll too far back
That’s what you get
I don’t wanna see ’em
But I can’t delete ’em
It just doesn’t feel right yet
Not yet”

Check it out:

She recently performed it live on SNL, along with her song “Justified”:

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