Whiskey Riff Picks: Best Bets For College Football Saturday – Week 8

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Out of every week in college football thus far, last week was the least surprising.

Except for the fact that Florida lost to LSU in the wake of Ed Orgeron’s firing, but that’s not too surprising. Florida really hasn’t been LIKE THAT all season.

Alabama came back a week removed from their stunning loss to Texas A&M and whooped Mississippi State’s arse, and Georgia continues to look dominate.

Oklahoma is starting to look like a playoff contender again behind new QB Caleb Williams, and in last week’s nail-biter between Tennessee and Ole Miss, and Vols fans throwing sh*t onto the field after a call didn’t go their way, we confirmed what we already knew:

Tennessee fans still suck (Sorry not sorry).

This week might have something in the water though. We’ve already seen Coastal Carolina get upset by App State, so what other upsets do we have brewing?

We shall see.

5. Oregon vs. UCLA (-1) Over/Under 60.5

I really thought that we might be getting 2013 Oregon back this season. I was wrong. After their stunning upset over Ohio State, the Ducks looked like they were making a return to dominance in the PAC-12.

The Ducks are coming off two straight down weeks, losing to Stanford, and barely escaping with a win against a poor Cal Bears team last week. They’re looking a little shaky to say the least.

On the other side, you have a UCLA team who has looked very up and down this season. Despite a convincing win against LSU to start the season, they’ve lost to every team that has a pulse this season.

However, the Bruins are still having a solid season considering the struggles they’ve had the past few years, and they ain’t gonna lay down for the Ducks.

I’m rolling with the Bruins at home in this one.

Prediction: UCLA 31 Oregon 27

4. LSU vs. Ole Miss (-7.5) Over/Under 76.5

LSU has had quite the up and down season, with more downs than ups. However, the Tigers are coming off an upset over the Florida Gators, but they’re dealing with the distraction of Coach O’s departure from the program at the end of the season.

It’s really hard to tell anything about this Tiger team, as we’ve seen a different team week in and week out. Will they let the Coach O news stay in the back of their minds, or will they play inspired football for the guy to finish the season?

On the other side, Ole Miss is coming off an emotional win against Tennessee that came down to the wire. QB Matt Corral still looks like a Heisman trophy candidate, and they’re finding ways to win.

Both teams aren’t great on defense, but the Ole Miss defense is a little better.

LSU can’t keep up with them in a shootout.

Prediction: Ole Miss 42 LSU 31

3. Clemson vs. Pittsburgh (-3.5) Over/Under 47

Boy, as a Clemson fan, this has been a brutal season. Every week I feel like we’re getting the news of another key player missing significant time due to injury, and the offense still looks as stagnant as ever.

The defense is still playing football, but with several key starters out due to injury, it’s only a matter of time before the lack of experience gets exposed against a good team.

And the Pitt Panthers, they’re a good team.

Pitt QB Kenny Pickett is having one of the best seasons in Pitt history, with the third best QBR in the country at the moment.

The defense isn’t great, but they’re designed to shut down the run, and if Clemson has to rely on the passing game the whole game, Ballgame Pitt.

As much as this pains me to say this…

Prediction: Pitt 27 Clemson 17

2. Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State (-7) Over/Under 47

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical of Oklahoma State… But I’ve been proven wrong. Forgive me, but I’ve seen the story play out every year. OK State gets around that top 10 ranking and then implodes. They win the games they should win, and lose against every good team they play.

However, this year, they may be changing the narrative after beating Texas last week, and beating a good Baylor team pretty convincingly the week before.

Then you have Iowa State, who’s finally starting to play like the team we thought they would be at the beginning of the season. The Cyclones are coming off a big win against Kansas State last week, and absolutely obliterating a terrible Kansas team the week before.

However, ISU has struggled against every good team they’ve played this season, and I’m surprised to see they’re a touchdown favorite in this one, regardless of the fact they’re the home team.

I’m feeling an OK State “upset” (Judging by the spread) in this one.

If you wanna be safe, take the Cowboys to cover.

Prediction: OK State 34 Iowa State 31

1. Wisconsin (-3.5) vs. Purdue Over/Under 40.5

Wow, has Wisconsin been a let down this year or what? The team has struggled to find an identity on both sides of the ball, and they’ve lost to every good team they’ve played thus far.

Then you have Purdue, who has actually looked surprisingly decent this year, with a 4-2 record. Not to mention, they beat Iowa, the number two team in the nation last week, by a shocking score of 24-7.

However, that’s really the only team they’ve beaten this season with a pulse.

I’m going with my gut on this one, because every time I’ve seen an average team upset a great team, they have a let down game the following week.

Keep in mind, Wisconsin is the more talented team.

I think we’re in for a good one, and this one’s gonna come down to the wire… But the Badgers get it done.

Prediction: Wisconsin 20 Purdue 16

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