VIDEO: A Young Parker McCollum Sings Original Hit “Meet You In The Middle” For Local Radio Station

Parker McCollum is quickly becoming one of the biggest things in country music.

I’ve been listening to the guy since 2016, when the only album he had to his name was The Limestone Kid, and it’s been wild watching the fanbase grow at a rapid pace over the past six years.

Now he’s becoming a household name across the nation, especially after dropping his latest album, Gold Chain Cowboy.

With that being said, it’s always cool looking back on old videos, watching some of these guys and gals who were just cutting their teeth, playing tiny venues trying to make it big.

I was digging through the vaults, and found this old interview from way back in 2015 with McCollum, only 22-years-old at the time, sitting down with a local Texas radio host from the Badlands radio station at the Firehouse Saloon.

This was before he had even released The Limestone Kid, and he played a song that would eventually put his name out there all across the huge state of Texas… titled “Meet You in the Middle.”

Time flies when you’re kickin’ ass.

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