Former U.S. Marine Goes John Wick On Armed Robber, Disarming Him In A Matter Of Seconds

I cannot stress this enough, not all heroes wear capes.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid going into a gas station and witnessing a robbery. Typically it’s just a homeless man outside asking for cash or some dude on meth mumbling to himself in the corner.

Just your average trip, ya know…

However, if I do happen to get caught in the middle of a gas station robbery, I’m just hoping I’m surrounded by somebody who’s confident enough to go James Bond on his ass.

For a few lucky customers at a gas station in Yuma County, Arizona, they were lucky enough to have a Marine Corp veteran in the store during a robbery.

According to video retrieved by FOX News, a gun-wielding robber walked in, and before he could do any damage, the Marine Corp vet (who was not named) swiftly disarmed the robber, while his buddy ran out of the store like a little kid who just pissed his pants on the playground.

Yuma County deputies arrived to the scene at 4:30 AM yesterday morning, and when they asked the vet how he did what he did, he responded:

“The Marine Corps taught me not to (mess) around.”

The robber, who was a juvenile, was booked into the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center on counts of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Deputies are still looking for the two other suspects who were with the robber.

Moral of the story? Don’t play with fire and try to rob a gas station, you might mess around and get obliterated by a veteran.

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