Texas Dude “Rolls Coal” Into A Local Whataburger In Wild Viral Video

Texas Whataburger

There really wasn’t anything better than the hangouts at the local Waffle House or Cookout after watching your high school football team dominate (or not) on a Friday night.

Seriously, these places served as a high school bar, without the alcohol… except for the kids who were chugging handles of Fireball by their jacked up Chevys in the parking lot (I feel like this is the storyline of every bro-country song).

However, every now and then, you’d have some idiot kids who would come in and try to raise as much hell as possible…

Like this wreaking havoc on a local Whataburger in Texas.

A TikTok went viral of a bunch of teenagers who looked like they were just hanging out and enjoying some good food after a Friday night football game, when next thing you know, the door swings open and some dude in a jacked up diesel rolls coal throughout the entire restaurant.

The kids all seemed to get a kick out of it, but I ain’t gonna lie… that huge grey cloud of coal looks terrifying. Like an evil spirit just walked into the Whataburger on a an episode of Stranger Things.

Of course, at risk of sounding like a total debbie downer, this is actually pretty dangerous. You know, considering the inhalation of this stuff could result in some serious respiratory issues. It’s all fun and games until Tommy has an asthma attack.

Not to mention the kitchen staff probably had to stop serving food until all the smoke cleared, scrub the place down, lose a bunch of money, etc…

So watch this video, tell all your friends about it… just don’t try it at home.

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