Parker McCollum Drops Surprise Special-Edition Track, “Blanco County Rain”

Parker McCollum country music

New Music Friday?

Pshhhh, Parker McCollum drops new music on Wednesdays people.

I’ve been blasting Gold Chain Cowboy since it dropped back in July, and it’s clear that the Limestone Kid is progressively becoming more and more polished with every album he drops.

The new album has a bit of an ’80s heartland rock feel in some places, and he even explicitly recorded “Falling Apart” in the same vein as a .38 Special song.

But today, he dropped a special-edition bonus track that fits perfectly with the feel of Gold Chain Cowboy, titled “Blanco County Rain.”

Written by Parker McCollum, Randy Montana, and Brad Lawson, the song tackles the perception that as men, we’re always expected to not show emotion and keep everything locked up inside when shit hits the fan. But every now and then, there are a few things that spark a memory, and bring you back down to that heartache.

“Cowboys are supposed to be tough
Supposed to play it cool
Ain’t supposed to cry, over something they lose
They’re supposed to ride on, like everything’s fine
Saddle up with the boys, shoot out the lights
I can see your picture, I can hear your song
Highway 17, still gets me home
Still standin’ tall, can’t knock me down
Oh, but there’s just something about, Blanco County Rain.”

That damn Blanco County rain… it’ll getcha every time.

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