After Multiple Police Visits Last Year, Dallas Man Goes Even HARDER With Gory Halloween Decor

Dallas Halloween

Growing up in one of the more backwoods part of South Carolina, you see some crazy shit people will do for Halloween.

It’s nothing to drive past a double-wide trailer and see thousands of dollars worth of Halloween decorations sitting in the front yard… and they’ll keep them there until March, but that’s another story.

For one Texas guy, he’s doing a little bit more than simply “filling up his yard” with Halloween decor.

Last year, we ran a story on Steve Novak, a resident of Dallas, who kept getting the cops called on him due to his gory Halloween decorations.

Well, gory is an understatement. He had fake dead bodies all over his yard and house, covered with fake blood, some chopped up into pieces, and some with their head’s completely decapitated. Might be a lil’ traumatic for the kids in the neighborhood, so I can understand…

However, the man isn’t backing down, and he’s upping his game even further this Halloween.

According to an interview Novak did with The Dallas Observer, there are plenty of “new gimmicks” for this year.

This year, he’s added a wood chipper with guts spewing out of it, and to put it in simple terms, even more dead bodies:

Oddly enough, he claims this has been a “positive” experience for the locals:

“This year has been rough for a lot of people. I think we can agree that this project is functioning as a pressure release valve.”

Yet he still claims the neighbors love it:

“It’s been a tremendous amount of work and dough, but it’s worth it because people love it so much… people get as tickled looking at my massacre as they do looking at puppies!”

Alright that’s a stretch…

But hey, who am I to judge.

It’s his property so he can do whatever he wants with it, but for those of y’all in the East Dallas area, beware… this scene is not for the faint of heart.

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