VIDEO: Leaping Deer Wrecks Bicycle Rider

It’s okay to laugh at this wipe out because neither the biker or the deer were injured.

Footage shows a group of bicyclers moving down a rural road at a pretty good pace and according to Field & Stream the group was cruising at about 30 miles per hour.

Out of absolutely nowhere a small fork pointed buck comes literally flying into frame from the side of the road and just plows right into one of the bikers.

Both the man and the deer go tumbling but fortunately neither were injured. The situation could have been at least worse, and while its not as crazy as the footage of a deer jumping into a car, the deer getting obliterated by a motorcycle, a deer getting destroyed by a car going 100 mph, or the deer busting through a school bus windshield,  but it’s definitely worth watching.

“During the Wise Choice Cycling Club’s Auto Immune Disease Awareness Ride today, one of the riders had an unfortunate incident involving a deer. The rider was able to complete the ride as this happened about 3 miles into the 26 mile ride for the day. The deer also walked away from the incident unharmed.

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