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Tyler Childers: “It Doesn’t Hurt My Feelings If You Listen To Sh*tty Country Music, That’s Your Fault.”

Tyler Childers has always been open about his thoughts on the current state of country music.

Many may think he is on a mission to end pop country music, but for the most part, it’s just because he keeps getting asked.

And according to an interview with GQ, he doesn’t care what you listen to:

“It’s just something I’m asked about… it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you listen to shitty country music. That’s your fault.

What I consider country music doesn’t make it the end all be all, but if you ask me my opinion, that’s what you’re going to get.”

What’s the difference between good country music and shitty country music?

Well for many these days, good country music has almost exclusively been lumped in with the term “Americana,” which according to Tyler, only hurts country music.

Of course, if you remember back to the 2018 Americana Music Awards, Tyler condemned the term, calling it a “distraction” from the bigger issues that country music is facing.

“It weakens the genre over time. What I’ve done with my last two albums is country. I feel that in my heart. What Margo has done in the past is country. What Kelsey Waldon’s doing is country.

What a lot of these artists are doing is country, but we’ve all been pushed over by the wayside into Americana… ‘Country Squire’ is 100% what I consider ‘real’ country.

We have to share a space that’s been taken over—infiltrated, in a sense—by pop country. If you’re going to be in that space, on those charts, you’re going to share the space with those people. But that’s the only way to take the lunch table back.”


And, take the lunch table back we will.


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