Two Illinois High School Football Teams Played Rock, Paper, Scissors Instead Of A Coin Toss Before A Game

A group of football players shaking hands

And I thought I’d seen it all…

Ever since Walter Camp came up with the brilliant idea of the game of American football back in the 1880’s, the first possession of the game has always been decided by a coin toss.

Or at least to my knowledge it has been.

Up until today, at least.

For some odd reason, Elmwood-Brimfield High School was playing a Friday night game against Lewiston High in Illinois, and to my surprise, the referee did not conduct a coin toss.

Why, you ask?

I have no idea. Maybe he forgot a coin, maybe he just wanted to spice things up a little bit, who knows.

Instead of the traditional coin toss, he had the two captains play rock paper scissors for the ball.

Elmwood-Brimfield’s captain came in CLUTCH by choosing paper, while Lewiston’s guy chose rock, a solid W.

I guess the decision foreshadowed things to come, as EB put a 42-14 curb stompin’ on Lewiston last night.

While this may be the first time I can remember that rock, paper, scissors was used to decide who gets the ball in American football, back in 2018 an English football referee was suspended after having the team captains decide who would kick off using rock, paper, scissors.

Why didn’t he just do a coin toss?

Well, turns out he forgot his coin in the locker room.

Gotta think that’s what happened here too.

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