Drake White Releases “Giants” and “Power Of A Woman” From Upcoming Album

Bringing the SOUL

Drake White released two more songs from his upcoming Hurts The Healing album and I am sold that this is going to be one of the best records of the year.

We’ve already heard the title track and “Angel Side Of You,” and today we get to hear two more songs on what looks like a project inspired directly from his awful collapse and fantastic recovery from a brain condition called AVM in August of 2019.

We’d already heard a bit of “Giants” when he posted a clip of his playing it acoustic with an adorable little fellow.


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But it’s the first we’ve heard of “Power Of A Woman,” which was written about his wife, mom and all the ladies out there fighting the good fight.

“Oh she’s sweet like Sunday morning
She’s got a mind of her own
Oh ain’t she something
She gets me high like lightning storming 
I believe in the power of a woman”

Something about Drake White’s music gets my soul pumping. Whatever it is, I’ll have these songs on repeat until the album comes out.

Keep it up, Mr. White.

“Power of a Woman”


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