Billy Strings Performed An Awesome Bluegrass Version Of Blackfoot’s “Train, Train” In Memphis

Man, Billy Strings has some serious talent.

Billy played at the Mempho Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee earlier this month and brought out a classic, and I’d say underrated, song about the great city of Memphis.

“Train, Train” was released by Blackfoot on their platinum 1979 album Strikes. And while Blackfoot’s version is the most popular rendition of the song, it was originally written and recorded as a bluegrass song by Shorty Medlocke – who happens to be the grandfather of Rickey Medlocke, the lead singer of Blackfoot.

The song would go on to be covered by Warrant on their hit record Cherry Pie, and even by Dolly Parton on her 1999 bluegrass album The Grass is Blue.

And while I may just be a prisoner to the present, Billy Strings might have just given us the best performance of it to date…

Hey, you can decide for yourself, but man it was a truly incredible rendition that allowed to Billy to show off a bit on the guitar and dig into those gritty high notes.

Hats off, Mr. Strings.

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