Randy Travis Dropped A Previously Unreleased Music Video For “No Place Like Home” 35 Years After The Song’s Release

Randy Travis is pulling out more good stuff from the vault.

In addition to releasing his recent remastered album Storms of Life, and even a couple of songs we’ve never heard before, today he’s digging up an old music video for “No Place Like Home” 35 years after the song first came out.

The track was released in 1986 as the fourth and final single from his album Storms of Life, and tells the story of a man who’s lost his family and the woman he loves the most. And as he goes through the motions of trying to move on, he realizes how much emptiness he feels in longing to have all that back in his now-empty house that no longer feels like a home.

Randy told CMT that it was actually the only music video they made for his debut album, but it never got put out to the public since music videos weren’t really as necessary to promote singles back then as they are now.

And Randy said that at the time they filmed the video, he couldn’t believe they had $30,000 to spend in order to create his vision:

“The budget was $30,000, and, at the time, that seemed to me like my life’s savings…I only was 26 or 27 years old.

For whatever reason, the video wasn’t released or promoted, and it spent the last 35 years at home in Warner’s vault.

In retrospect, music videos weren’t that prevalent back in 1986, so maybe we weren’t sure of where to go with it. Today I’m glad it’s still waiting for us to visit it!”

While Randy is unable to talk or sing much since suffering a massive stroke back in 2013, it’s really cool that he has all this unreleased material he can still put out for all of us to enjoy.

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