Tim McGraw Jumps Off Stage & Gets In The Face Of Heckler Booing Him At Nevada Concert

Tim McGraw ain’t putting up with that noise.

The man’s been known to call out a fan or 12 over his career, and the one that always comes to mind is him personally kicking out a guy at his concert after hitting a woman back in 2008.

If he sees some kind of nonsense in the crowd, the Louisiana boy in him is gonna come out real quick.

This time, though, it was partially his fault.

According to TMZ, the singer was in the middle of his hit “Just To See You Smile” at the Nugget Event Center in Reno, Nevada, when he happened to forget a few lyrics from his 1997 song.

Other fans thought his voice was a little off too. Of course, the fans took note, and a few of ’em didn’t take too kindly to it.

Needless to say, the boo birds started coming out in full force.

Ya know, McGraw could’ve just went on with the show, I mean what does he have to prove anymore anyways?

However, he proceeded to ask the fans why they were mocking him, and told them if they didn’t like it, they can leave.

And then?

He decided to jump off stage and confront them face to face.

It looks like the fans were eventually removed and he got back on stage, but as you can imagine many other fans were upset because it paused the show.

Tim eventually explained the situation:

“I’m not going through a midlife crisis. I don’t know how many of y’all know this but we’re shooting a film called 1883, and so I had to dye my beard for this film… the jeans might be a midlife crisis, but not the beard.

But we’ve been shooting, last week we shot 48 hours straight for two days. And we showed up to this show tonight because we love you. Thank y’all for being here.

But if I forget words tonight, just know, I’m old, and I’m shooting a movie, and I’m working with my wife… so there are a lot of variables in that situation. So, I forget the words, sing along with me and help me out.”

Still, the man just doesn’t fuck around.

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