Girl Gets TRUCKED By Nick Saban’s Security While Storming The Field After Texas A&M’s Upset Win

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Kay Ivey, that’s the governor of Alabama.

And if I had to guess, more Alabama natives recognize Nick Saban’s name more than Governor Ivey’s.

That’s just how big Crimson Tide football is in the state, and Saban is arguably the biggest celebrity from Huntsville to Mobile.

And when you’re that big of a celebrity, you have to have some STOUT security, especially after losing to Texas A&M on the road, and you have 100,000 plus fans storming the field, ready to get in your face after losing your first game all season.

Needless to say, Saban’s crew was prepared for this moment.

A recent video circulated immediately after the game, and you can see thousands of fans charging the field to celebrate with the A&M football team for their big win.

And that’s all fun and games, until you cross paths with Nick Saban and his bodyguards.

Some pour soul just happened to step in the coach’s way, and next thing you know, BOOM. She got hit with the truck stick Madden ’06 style by one of the bodyguards taking coach to the locker room.

He’s not used to these kind of moments, so we gotta take it all in.

Anyways, hopefully the girl is okay. That was a MEAN hit.

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