Urban Meyer’s Ridiculously Unrealistic “Goals” For The Jaguars Prove What A Sh*tshow Jacksonville Is Right Now

Urban Meyer wearing a white shirt and headphones
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At this point, I’m convinced Urban Meyer would be better off just standing on the sidelines and not coaching at all.

Everything that’s come out of the guy’s mouth since the bar incident video has been pitiful.

And the problem is He Just. Keeps. Talking.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, Meyer shared some, well, lofty goals he has set for his team.

Apparently, he wants his offense to average 250 yards passing and 250 yards rushing.


To put into perspective how ridiculous this is from Urban, 250 passing and 250 rushing yard average has only occurred 33 times in the past 52 years. And the league-leader in rushing yards (which is, shockingly, the Cleveland Browns) is only averaging 187 rushing yards per game.

And he’s expecting it from a team that’s going through a complete rebuild and is as big of a dumpster fire as the Jaguars?

Sure Urban, whatever you say.

Listen, I’m all for coaches setting high expectations for their players. Hell, it’s the NFL, so the best is expected.

But Urban’s not at Ohio State or Florida anymore, squaring off against deadbeat programs like Illinois, Rutgers, and Vanderbilt.

So I’d say he just needs to focus on beating last season’s record at this point (which was a whopping 1-15).

Good Lord, the sh*tshow in Jacksonville keeps getting worse and worse.

But at least Twitter’s having fun with it…

Gotta keep those expectations high I guess.

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