Deepfake Tom Cruise Singing Dave Matthews’ “Crash” Is Hilarious… Terrifying, But Hilarious

Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise holding guitars

Ok, I’ll start with the obvious here…

We’re fucked. As a civilization… proper fucked.

Technology is gonna to destroy us all. Deepfakes, artificial intelligence, hypersonic weapons, frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads… it’s just the beginning.

Anyways, enough doom and gloom, now on to the entertainment…

Deepfake Tom Cruise is easily one of the most hilarious (and terrifying) accounts on all of TikTok. Hilarious because he looks and sounds exactly like Tom Cruise. And terrifying because of the aforementioned imminent death and destruction of humanity at the hands of technology.

Recently, Deepfake Tom picked up the ol’ geetar and got to pickin’ and definitely Tom Cruise grinnin’ on a little Dave Matthews Band… and it was HYSTERICAL.

You’re welcome…


I’ve got a sweet spot!

♬ original sound – Tom – Tom

Deepfake Tom ain’t half bad.


Making real music again!

♬ original sound – Tom

So good that he actually fooled Justin Bieber into thinking that it was actually Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Justin bieber

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock