CMA Awards 2012: Tim Allen Unknowingly Tells Blake Shelton He Wants To Sleep With Miranda Lambert

Tim Allen, Blake Shelton CMA Awards
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With the CMA Awards coming up next month, it’s time to look back on some of the greatest moments, and most awkward moments, from years past.

We’ve showed you Alan Jackson’s 1999 protest performance of “Choices” in honor of the great George Jones, and earlier we took it back to 1975 for Waylon Jennings’ acceptance speech and Charlie Rich burning his note card.

And of course, who could forget Sturgill Simpson’s legendary busking performance outside of Bridgestone Arena? And finally, the time Mary Chapin Carpenter put put Dwight Yoakam on blast (allegedly) with her song “Opening Act.”

But today, we’re taking it back to 2012 and a Country Music Association Awards show moment that wasn’t televised, and thank God that it wasn’t.

So the backstory goes, actor Tim Allen (Toy Story, Home Improvement) is sitting right behind Blake Shelton, who at the time was quite the superstar in country music and also a judge on this popular new singing show called The Voice.

So Tim and Blake get to yuckin’ it up during the ceremony and then this rockin’ blonde comes out on stage… Miranda Lambert.

And here’s the kicker, Tim Allen has no idea that Miranda Lambert (at the time) is married to Blake Shelton.

But apparently, Tim is more than comfortable chatting it up with Blake… ummm, you could say he crossed the line.

Tim explained the awkward conversation that followed on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

“I’m watching right behind Blake Shelton, who wouldn’t move, and he’s the largest man on the planet, I can’t see anything. I’m actually irritated with the guy.

He turns around I happened to a fan of that show ‘The Voice,’ and I happen to be of his on that show so we started a conversation.

Then a woman comes up, and you probably know this, and everybody else knows it, but I didn’t know this… Miranda Lambert. So she’s up there rocking out with the crazy one, some song about her being nuts and tattoos and booze.

I was like, ‘I love this woman’ and he turns around and says ‘Boy, I’d love to tap that’ and I said ‘Me too!’

And then I get that look. And he goes, ‘That’s my wife!’ And like a comic I said, ‘Let me finish…’

So yeah, we haven’t spoken since.”

Blake went on to win Entertainer of the Year that night, the first of his career, so my guess is he probably forgot all about what Tim said. But either way, a pretty cringeworthy comment to make.

I mean, let’s be honest… you’re a guest at the CMA Awards, you’re not part of the country music world. You should probably just show up, smile, wave, say your lines and keep your mouth shut.

But I’m not gonna lie, I’d be more afraid of Miranda Lambert hearing that than I would Blake Shelton. We all saw what happened to the shitbag in “Gunpowder & Lead.”

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