Urban Meyer Says Trevor Lawrence Isn’t Comfortable With QB Sneak, Trevor Says The EXACT Opposite

Urban Meyer Trevor Lawrence
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The Jacksonville Jaguars sh*t show continues…

If you thought the disconnect between Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars was bad in the locker room, just wait ’til it plays out on the field.

During today’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Jags found themselves in a 4th and goal just inches from the goal line.

And rather than running a QB sneak with their 6′ 6” quarterback, the team opted to send Carlos Hyde up the middle and he got stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Of course, everybody wanted to know the obvious… are you allergic to the QB sneak? It’s 4th and inches… what’s the deal?

Here’s the kicker… Urban Meyer said that Trevor Lawrence isn’t “quite comfortable” running the QB sneak and that he’s never done it in a game.

“He’s not quite comfortable with that yet.

I know that might sound silly, but if you’ve never done it, it’s something that we need to keep [working on] so that we can make that call in that situation.”

According to Trevor Lawrence however, that is 100% NOT the case.

In fact, Lawrence says the QB sneak is something they can ALWAYS run.

“No. I feel comfortable. Obviously I haven’t run it in a game, but I feel comfortable. QB sneak is something we can always get to and I feel comfortable with.”


I mean, if it wasn’t clear that Urban Meyer and the Jags are a complete joke, it’s crystal clear right now.

What’s the over/under on number of losses it’s gonna take to get Urban canned? Six? Seven? Will they let him get to 8 and send him packing?

Something tells me we’ll know VERY soon…

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