VIDEO: Black Bear Snacks On Giant Pumpkin In Downtown Gatlinburg

Brown bears aren’t the only ones trying to pack on the pounds and fatten up for winter this time of year.

Fresh off of Fat Bear Week in Alaska, a black bear down in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee celebrated with a high-calorie feast of its own.

It’s just the latest footage in a long-running list of entertaining black bear antics. The list already includes stealing Amazon packages off porches,  camping out under a deckbeing terrified of golf clubsraiding picnics and swimming at Lake Tahoe, or climbing way up a utility pole and almost getting fried, or stealing backpacks, or stealing firearms, or vandalizing cars, or chilling on a couch, or relaxing in a hot tub, or cruising downhill with mountain bikers, or crashing pool parties, or getting chased out of backyards,

A recent video recorded in the heart of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has been causing a buzz online. A large black bear was apparently looking to get into the holiday spirit as a small crowd gathered to cheer on the bear as it attempted to break through the thick outer layer of a huge pumpkin, presumably looking to feast on the gourd.

Eventually, the bear breaks into the pumpkin and starts snackin’, but then it loses a grip on the pumpkin as it rolls away out into the roadway and blocks traffic.
Though the bear appears to be unconcerned with the nearby motorists, it gives up on trying to eat the pumpkin and lumbers off in search of something else to eat.

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