WATCH: Kid Gets Terrorized By A Rooster While His Dad Sits Back And Laughs

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One of my buddies has one of the weirdest phobias I’ve ever heard of.

He’s terrified of chickens.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if there’s a chicken 100 yards away, he just turns back around and goes:

“Man, I can’t do this man. I gotta go.”

And whenever we tried to ask him why he’s scared of them, he just shrugs it off and changes the subject.

Like what happened dude? What could a chicken have done to you to make you absolutely petrified of ’em?

After seeing this video that went viral, maybe it makes a little more sense…kinda.

Some dude by the name of sledmore posted a video on TikTok, and I’m guessing it’s his son in the video.

For some reason, the kid is TERRIFIED of the rooster they have on the farm, and in order for the kid to face his fears, he squares off with the rooster in the ring.

It doesn’t go well.

You can see the fear in the kid’s eyes, and when the rooster charges at him, he starts squealing like a little girl, constantly calling the creature a “little shit,” and the dad is just sitting back laughing his ass off.

Don’t get me wrong, this is funny as sh*t. But honestly, the kid’s gonna have PTSD for the rest of his life now.

I’m just curious though, what did this rooster do to him that made him this way?

Must’ve been horrifying.

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