Get Ready For Joshua Ray Walker’s New Album With 5 Of His Best To Date

A man wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette

Joshua Ray Walker’s new album See You Next Time is coming out tomorrow and I absolutely cannot wait…

There are few if any artists that can compete with his intrigue. Crazy outfits, awesome music videos, catchy melodies, insane high notes, I mean the guy is all over the place, yet consistently rock solid.

He goes from tackling suicide in “Voices” and dealing with his father’s death in “Flash Papers” to bringing the funk with “Sexy After Dark” without a hiccup.

And tomorrow we get to see the next page in his book.

I honestly have no idea where this album is going to go. Will he dive deeper into the emotional or start a full fledged Country Disco? The not knowing makes it even more exciting…

While we wait, take a listen to some of my favorites by him…

Sexy After Dark

Just can’t get enough of this one…

Lot Lizard

Boat Show Girl

Probably his most underrated song, I mean an accordion?

Give me more of that.


A good ole’ fashion “let’s get wasted” boot scooter.


Come one now, this song is just too damn good to not give a spin… just keep the tissues nearby

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock