Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings Recall Rampant Drug Use, Spending Over $1,000 A Day On Drugs During 1985 Interview

Always keeping it real.

Way back in 1985, both Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash stopped by Late Night With David Letterman, and while the conversation started out pretty jovial at first, it quickly turned into a heavy one.

Letterman recalls that the last time Waylon was on his show, Johnny was sick.

Johnny, with a bit of a smirk, asked:

“Under the weather? Was that when I was in alcohol and drug treatment center?” 

To which Waylon replied:

“No, you were in the hospital. I was still on drugs, you were off of ’em at this point.”

And with a certain element of humor, they both went on to detail more about their struggle with drugs, their reasons for taking drugs, finally getting off them, and then Waylon, who was 11 months sober at this point, said that he used to spend over $1,000 a day on drugs. $1,000 PER DAY.

“You can’t believe what that can do for your taxes too.”

Pretty wild, eh?

And yet, nearly 40 years later and they’re still two of the realest artists to ever play the game.

And for more from Waylon and Johnny, check out this compilation video featuring various late night interviews from the ’80s and ’90s.

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